Incoming students: Prepare for registration with First-Year Registration Guide

To prepare first-year students for the upcoming fall semester registration period (July 10-15), the First-Year Registration Guide (available on the New Student Checklist) provides students with schedule recommendations for all majors.

The guide includes information about calculus requirements and appropriate sequences. Students who intend to pursue a major that does not require calculus are advised not to register for a calculus course in the fall.

Students whose score on the math diagnostic places them into pre-calculus (MATH 120) will have the opportunity to take the diagnostic again during New Student Orientation.

Students who wish to take another math diagnostic during Orientation must register with the “First-Year Registration” item on the New Student Checklist by Aug. 1. Meanwhile, they should register for MATH 120 during the registration period. There will be time to make schedule adjustments before classes begin on Aug. 25.

Those with questions about the math diagnostic can email the Office of Undergraduate Studies at or call 216.368.2928.