Incoming students: Complete Math Diagnostic Exam by June 15

The deadline to complete the Math Diagnostic Exam for new students is Sunday, June 15. Students can access the exam via their New Student Checklist.

The results of the exam will place students in the appropriate level of calculus when they arrive in the fall.

Students interested in self-study should feel free to explore and use any available resources. The Case Western Reserve University Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics has identified as a possible option. The fee-based service generates a study plan based on an individual assessment, and students move through the program by demonstrating mastery of each topic.

Students who wish to verify whether a course to be taken at another college or university is equivalent to MATH 120 at CWRU should be in touch with the Office of Undergraduate Studies at or 216.368.2928.

Regardless of where students begin their study of mathematics, it is Case Western Reserve’s goal to facilitate the development of the skills most conducive to their long-term success in a student’s chosen course of study.

Students who intend to pursue a major that does not require calculus do not need to take a calculus course in the fall but still must complete the diagnostic. More information about course recommendations and curricula for various majors is contained in the First-Year Registration Guide, which will be made available in early June.