Improve connections in your relationships at work and home with upcoming Wellness Program series

Communicating well with coworkers, friends and family members is a skill that can be built upon and strengthened. Faculty and staff are invited to participate in an eight-week Wellness Program series, “Building Connection and Communication in the Midst of Stress,” taking place Wednesdays this fall.

The series, offered over Zoom, will allow participants to practice skills of diplomacy and respect while also learning about verbal and non-verbal clues from others. Additionally, participants will learn ways to control reaction to stressful interactions and enjoy meaningful conversation with fellow faculty and staff.

Those interested can register for the first “Building Connection and Communication” class, which starts Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 12:30 p.m. ET.

Wellness participants who attend or view at least seven of the sessions are eligible for the Stress Management Program Incentive.