Wellness instead of stress. Hand turns a dice and changes the word "stress" to "wellness".

“How to Stay Sane, Resilient and Positive During Uncertain Times”

The pandemic and uncertainty of what’s to come can easily leave one feeling anxious, depressed, scattered and lonely. This can affect how we show up at work and in our personal lives. While it may feel chaotic, the good news is that each of us has more control than we think. By using simple evidence-based techniques, you can bolster your resilience, positivity and sense of togetherness even amidst change.

Faculty and staff members are invited to join positive psychology expert and executive coach Stella Grizont for an interactive webinar to learn how to not just cope, but thrive through uncertain times. 

Offered by the Wellness Program and held in conjunction with the Virtual Benefits & Wellness Fair week, this session will help you learn how to:

  • Deal with anxiety in a healthy way so you can stay focused and resilient;
  • Use simple tools to shift your mood and help you stay grounded (in less than
  • a minute); and
  • Feel more in control, confident and productive during a time of great change.

This session will be held Thursday, Nov. 11, from 1 to 2 p.m.

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