“Hear for You” student club set to launch

A new student club called “Hear For You” is set to launch at Case Western Reserve University with the purpose of helping students hear in the classroom. Described as a Hard of Hearing/Deaf affinity club, the group’s goal is to spread awareness about hearing challenges, improve accessibility for all students on campus, and create a support system for students at CWRU with hearing impairment.

The club will offer a variety of activities, including educational sessions on hearing and related issues, social events, and community service projects. They also plan to collaborate with other student organizations and community groups to raise awareness about hearing impairment and advocate for increased accessibility for all.

All CWRU students are welcome to join, regardless of hearing ability, and are encouraged to share information about the club with anyone on campus who uses a hearing aid or a cochlear implant, or has a hearing impairment. 

Interested students can request information, follow the group on Instagram (@CWRU DHOH) or email club leaders Trinity (ttg22@case.edu) or Sofia (sch92@case.edu) to learn more.