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Have a say on our homepage: How can we make better?

Screenshot of CWRU homepageWhen it comes to online introductions, is our university’s front door. It’s the first place millions of visitors stop to learn more about Case Western Reserve—and where many already part of the community start to search for new information.

Done well, the homepage immediately engages, whether through powerful pictures, compelling subjects, or simply providing easy direction to the area people want to get to next.

The university last began its homepage redesign process in 2013 (officially launching in 2014). In the world of technology, three years is practically an epoch. New tools allow us to enhance each visitor’s experience. New research helps us understand more about how even the most seemingly minor factors can have a major impact on what users perceive. And your reactions and responses will provide some of the most valuable insight of all.

Through a brief (5- to 10-minute) survey, we’re looking for insight on the design and experience of and some other key pages, such as, and

Participants in the survey will be entered to win one of five $25 Amazon gift cards.

The survey will close Friday, July 29, at 11:59 p.m. Take the survey now at