Chicken Thighs and Vegetable Kabobs on a Outdoor BBQ

Grilling recipe suggestions from the Department of Nutrition

July is a time for summer vacations, holiday celebrations and cooking on the grill—and, as National Grilling Month, there’s no better time to experiment with healthy eating options outdoors.

From barbecues and picnics to other small gatherings, there are plenty of opportunities for Case Western Reserve University community members to pull out the grill this month while enjoying the company of friends and family.

Have a taste for something beyond traditional hamburgers and hot dogs? The Daily has you covered.

In celebration of Independence Day (July 4), we paired with Lindsay Malone, an adjunct instructor for the Department of Nutrition, who provided four alternative grilling recipes you can add to any menu this summer. 

Whether you’re planning a festive gathering or casual cookout, or simply craving flavorful meals, read on to gain some inspiration. 

Chicken BBQ pineapple kebabs

Combine sweet and savory flavors with this gluten- and dairy-free recipe which can be cooked three ways—on the grill, in an air fryer or by baking in the oven. 

Try your hand at this recipe.

Grilled marinated flank steak

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with a budget-friendly steak recipe that includes a simple marinade of soy sauce, honey and optional southwestern spices. 

View the full recipe.

Balsamic grilled vegetables

Add this vegetarian option to any menu—whether as a side dish or entree—for a quick recipe that infuses earthy flavors while maintaining essential vitamins and minerals of a healthy diet. 

See what you need to make this dish.

Grilled peaches with almonds and cream

Experience a taste of the Deep South with this dessert that combines fruity, nutty and creamy flavors—all made in 15 minutes or less. 

Learn how to make this dessert.