Graduate students: Apply for $3,000 stipend for dissertation work

The College of Arts & Sciences is offering up to 12 $3,000 stipends for graduate work at the dissertation level in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Applicants should be at an early stage of work on the dissertation at Case Western Reserve University, and they must have passed qualifying exams and completed the prospectus so they can give full attention to research and writing. Typically students will be working in humanities or social science departments, but students in other departments of the college and professional schools are also welcome to apply. The application deadline is April 6.

The purpose of the stipends is to facilitate the transition from course work and accelerate the process of writing the dissertation by bringing together students for discussion of each other’s work and of questions of method and purpose raised by humanistic scholarship generally. The discussion will be facilitated by professors Daniel Cohen (history) and Martha Woodmansee (English).

By the beginning of fall semester fellows are expected to have completed a chapter of the dissertation that will be suitable for circulation and discussion among seminar participants. During the fall semester, fellows will participate in an interdisciplinary seminar each Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. They will present their work in progress once during the semester and will read and discuss the work of fellow participants as well as a moderate number of ancillary readings that raise larger questions about the aims and methods common to scholars doing humanistic research.

To apply, submit a hard copy and an electronic copy of a current CV, a copy of the dissertation prospectus and a statement of up to 1,000 words describing the dissertation (including progress made on it and its projected contribution) and how you hope to profit from and contribute to the seminar. A letter of endorsement from the dissertation/graduate adviser or department chair is also required and should be emailed directly by the application deadline. The application deadline is April 6. Applications can be submitted to:

Professor Martha Woodmansee
Department of English
Guilford 215