Closeup photo of someone tying their shoes with a sun glare on the image
young woman runner tying her shoes preparing for a jog outside at morning

Get moving in October with Walktober

Walktober is back! Throughout the month of October, Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff members are invited to get active and join the fun by setting a physical activity goal and trying to reach that goal throughout the whole month of October. Progress is tracked on your personalized Health Enhancement Systems website, which will reward your activity with a new fall landscape with every milestone achieved.

Join the campaign solo, or team up with a few coworkers; either way, your participation throughout the month will earn you a chance to win a prize. The website can take information from your fitness trackers, or you can manually input your steps for the day. Other types of physical activity are also converted to steps right on the website.

Register to participate.

Walktober is open only to benefits-eligible faculty and staff.