From fun to functional, here are the classes CWRU students are looking forward to most

Classes begin Aug. 26, and already students have their sights set on what they’ll be learning in the classroom.

On Monday, we asked what classes people are looking forward to most. Answers varied from the fun (“Puzzled,” a SAGES seminar) to serious (“Dynamics of Biological Systems”). Others included courses in piano, nutrition, anthropology, chemistry, physics and French. Specific votes were cast for classes such as “Nuclear Receptors in Health and Disease,” “Physiology and Biophysics” and “Introduction to Circuits and Instrumentation,” among many others.

You’ll be deep into classes soon enough, but for now, enjoy the next 24 days before classes begin.

(Of course, if you want to get a head start, you can always purchase books from the university’s Barnes & Noble Bookstore at