people's legs as they run on treadmills

Faculty and staff: Participate in Weight Watchers using Wellness Program subsidy

Faculty and staff looking to improve health with weight loss in 2019 can enroll in the improved Weight Watchers (WW) program. The Wellness Program offers a 50 percent subsidy for WW to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

About the program

WW consists of an online tool and on-campus meetings, as well as content from Aaptiv and Headspace. Aaptiv has included a selection of on-demand audio workouts customized for WW members of all fitness levels in the app. Headspace provides meditation and mindfulness content in the app as well. These new features are free to participants in WW.

The January Jumpstarter Kit promotion is available from WW to those who enroll by Feb. 1. To enroll, visit the WW discount page and input the Case Western Reserve University Employer ID: 21123.