Faculty: Apply to receive funding for HIV/AIDS research

The Center for AIDS Research at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Case Medical Center will provide strategic investment for funding of programs to foster interdisciplinary research in HIV/AIDS through the Catalytic Fund for Strategic Interdisciplinary Research.

Investigators in the basic sciences and clinical departments in the School of Medicine and hospital system, as well as in other departments throughout the university, are eligible. It is strongly encouraged that teams include young investigators.

The center has established the following areas to be of highest priority in its research agenda: virology and cure, immune mechanisms and pathogenesis, and HIV co-infections and co-morbidities. Emerging areas of strategic importance for the center include HIV-associated malignancies, cardiovascular disease andneuro-AIDS.

Applications must include a basic science and clinical/translation component. Grants will have an initial annual budget not to exceed $75,000 in direct costs. The grants will be awarded to multidisciplinary teams who intend to expand or initiate translational programs aligned with areas of research and strategic emphasis of the center.  In the first year of funding, up to four grants will be awarded.

The application form is available on the center’s website. The deadline to apply is Nov. 29.

For more information contact Brinn Omabegho by email at beo3@case.edu.