English department’s Hoeynck and Jewell published in volume of poetry

Two members of Case Western Reserve University’s Department of English, Joshua Hoeynck and Megan Jewell, contributed to a volume of poetry titled The New American Poetry: Fifty Years Later, edited by John Woznicki (Lehigh University Press).

The new volume is a collection of essays reflecting on the earlier anthology of poetry, edited by Donald Allen, that shaped thinking about post-World War II American poetry by including liberal helpings of more “radical” and less recognized non-academic poets.

The New American Poetry: Fifty Years Later has been one of the more exciting projects with which I have been involved,” said Hoeynck, a full-time lecturer in the Department of English. “I approached editor John Woznicki about the project when he announced it in the spring of 2010, and he felt that my research on Robert Duncan and Charles Olson’s unpublished correspondence would be an ideal fit.”

Jewell, instructor and director of the Writing Resource Center, also commented on her work in the publication. “My mentor put me in touch with poet Kathleen Fraser, who agreed to be interviewed about her experiences with the largely male coterie known as the ‘New American’ poets,” she said. “After speaking and corresponding with Fraser, and researching the history of an era, I interrogate in my essay the masculinist necessity for newness, its intersections with poetic innovation, and gendered construction of a field.”