Engineering the Talk: “Engineering and The Arts”

Engineering the Talk is a dialogue series to empower engineering students and discuss topics not explored in the classroom. Case School of Engineering Peer Advisors will host a talk on “Engineering and The Arts” Wednesday, Oct. 28, from 6 to 7 p.m. via Zoom. This panel is targeted at all engineering undergraduate students, as well as prospective engineering students, although the larger idea is about how different perspectives can lead to the best solutions. A panel of five students will discuss their experiences as students of engineering and the humanities. The panelists will be: 

  • Aparna Paul (chemical engineering and English);
  • Joel Linebach (polymer science and engineering and dance);
  • Diana Zavela (systems and control engineering and environmental studies);
  • Yvonne Pan (civil engineering and environmental studies); and
  • Cole Reinholt (electrical engineering and theater). 

They will explore the use of multiple different perspectives and take questions at the end of the panel. 

Register to attend through CampusGroups.

This event is the first of a series created by the Case School of Engineering Peer Advisors. Get more information about the team.