graphic representation of data science with numbers and symbols on screen

“Embarking on a New Phase of Data Governance”

The newly organized Data Governance Committee at Case Western Reserve University invites all staff to a virtual “open forum” Sept. 30 at 10:30 a.m. to hear more about the committee and provide feedback.

The Data Governance Committee is designing and implementing a data governance program that will create internal policies and standards around university data assets that will ensure data is consistent and trustworthy. The committee is composed of professional staff representing major data stakeholders across campus and is led by Katie Reynolds, director of data management, analytics and visualization in [U]Tech, and Eddie Bolden, interim director of institutional research.

This program, when fully implemented, will:

  • Streamline access to data;
  • Improve compliance and accreditation reporting;
  • Increase the understanding of data through catalogs of business glossaries and business workflow documentation;
  • Reduce the risk of unintentional misuse of data and security vulnerabilities; and
  • Leverage data assets at critical times, such as during this pandemic, to make important decisions that could have financial impact.

“We are really looking for pain points and concerns around access to data from the campus community in regards to university data,” Reynolds said. “This helps the committee better understand the needs of the community, so we can draft policies and a program that works for our institution and culture.” 

The data governance committee will continue to share more information about the progress of the program implementation with the campus community.

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For more information or questions about data governance at CWRU, visit the Data Governance website or email Katie Reynolds at, Eddie Bolden at, or the Data Governance Committee at