CWRU researchers seek to revolutionize scholarly medical publishing with new journal

A new online, open access journal created by Case Western Reserve University researchers is challenging established methods in biomedical research publications. According to its editors, Pathogens and Immunity is designed to streamline the current research publication process, which is a well-recognized source of frustration for biomedical researchers.

“There is a real need for a research journal that is designed primarily to serve the interests of researchers and that’s what Pathogens and Immunity will do,” said Editor-in-Chief Michael Lederman. “Most journals have so much bureaucratic ‘red tape’ in their submission process that it can take an entire day to submit an article. P&I’s goal is to cut through that clutter.”

As recently outlined in the magazine Science (the Jan. 15 online issue), Pathogens and Immunity has simplified the journal submission and review process to serve the needs and interests of researchers more effectively.

The journal’s senior editors—Michael Lederman, the Scott R. Inkley Professor of Medicine; Neil Greenspan, professor of pathology; Donald Anthony, associate professor of medicine; and Robert Bonomo, professor of medicine—are leading researchers who are trying to revise the standards of biomedical publications in Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

Novel aspects of this journal include:

  • A rapid, five-minute submissions process
  • Authors may submit manuscripts in any format that is recognized by the National Library of Medicine
  • Authors can include reviews from other journals and their responses to these reviews with their submissions
  • Reviewers are paid for rapid reviews

“We hope to use the Pathogens and Immunity website as a platform to offer other features that serve the interests of investigators with expertise in immunology and infectious diseases,” said Senior Editor Greenspan. “Such features could include online surveys aimed at identifying outstanding problems or offering discussion of controversies in particular areas of study.”

The editors have engaged a prestigious international board of more than 100 scientists who will serve as associate editors of the journal. The journal website,, launched Jan. 4 and is now accepting submissions for review. The first issue of Pathogens and Immunity is expected in July or August 2016.

Pathogens and Immunity is funded by a grant from the Richard J. Fasenmyer Foundation.