CWRU leaders meeting today in wake of Saturday evening’s shooting; read tips for increasing personal safety

Editor’s Note: As of June 30, 2019, Case Western Reserve uses Rave Guardian. CWRU Shield is no longer active and should be deleted from all mobile devices. Download Rave Guardian on the App Store and Google Play.

In the wake of Saturday evening’s shooting, Case Western Reserve leaders are meeting today to identify ways to address concerns raised regarding alert timing, Safe Ride services, safety staffing and coordinating with local government and private property owners regarding ways to enhance lighting around campus. The university will provide updates on those conversations as soon as possible.

In addition, CWRU police will continue to have additional patrols on campus until further notice.

Meanwhile, The Daily would like to remind the community regarding actions they can take to enhance their own safety, as well as available counseling and support services:

Reporting an Emergency

In an emergency, individuals on campus should always call CWRU police immediately at 216.368.3333.

In addition, the university offers the CWRU Shield app. Through CWRU Shield, individuals can quickly report an emergency to CWRU dispatch if on campus or 911 if off campus. Plus, it can track your location within and outside buildings, to ensure that emergency personnel can reach you as quickly as possible.

To learn more about CWRU Shield—including how to download the app—please visit

If you do not have your phone with you, look for one of the 300 blue box phones and 40 blue light phones, which allow you to press a button and reach dispatchers to report an emergency.

Suspicious Activity/Non-Emergency Situations

And, in a serious but non-emergency situation, you can use CWRU Shield’s iReport Tips feature to quickly send photo and video tips—anonymously, if desired—directly to CWRU Police.

If you see suspicious activity you can call 216.368.3300 or use your CWRU Shield app to report it (anonymously, if desired).

Safety Tips and Resources

Also, please be aware of your surroundings as you move around campus. That means, for example, removing at least one of your ear buds while walking or jogging and noticing people approaching you. Also, consider limiting how much you talk or text on your cellphone while walking or riding public transportation.

For additional education and training, consider signing up for university self-defense courses—information available at— or active-shooter response classes—information available at

Finally, you also can join the Community Watch Volunteer program to help raise awareness of issues occurring on campus.

Counseling and Health Services

Counseling Services has walk in appointments weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. A limited number of appointments are available through online booking at

Campus Address: 220 Sears Building (map)
Phone: 216.368.5872

Health Service appointments can be made online at or by calling the number below.

Campus Address: 2145 Adelbert Road (map)
Phone: 216.368.2450

IMPACT solutions is available to faculty and staff for confidential counseling at no cost. Learn more at