Connect with colleagues through literature

Finding ways to connect with others at work can be difficult when you’re stuck in a cubicle or limited to small talk before a meeting or in the hallways at work. When faculty and staff members from varied ranks, roles and backgrounds meet regularly to discuss narrative literature—facilitated by college professors—they share life experiences, explore diverse perspectives, shed familiar paradigms, and develop authentic connections.

The Wellness Program offers faculty and staff members a unique approach to wellness through Reflection Point, which allows them to share ideas based on literature. The Reflection Point program builds community and enhances emotional and intellectual fitness. 

Reading groups, made up of a diverse cross-section of faculty members, administrators, researchers and other staff members, meet weekly for 12 weeks to discuss three books carefully chosen due to themes that inspire robust discussions on values, issues, and beliefs. Faculty and staff are invited to join the next Reflection Point group, which will meet Wednesdays, Jan. 24 through April 10, from noon to 1 p.m. via Zoom. 

Contact Elizabeth Click at if you are interested and able to attend the majority of the weekly sessions.