Connect Trivia: Historical Figures at CWRU

Since the inception of Western Reserve College in 1826, a number of historical figures have been affiliated with Case Western Reserve University and its founding institutions in some way.

On Monday, we asked if you knew which one of these four figures did not have an affiliation with CWRU: James A. Garfield, Frederick Douglass, Rutherford B. Hayes or Susan B. Anthony. The correct answer was Susan B. Anthony, who, unlike the other three historical figures, did not have a connection to the university. However, CWRU did have the privilege of entertaining the other three historical figures.

Both James A. Garfield and Rutherford B. Hayes served on the board of trustees for Western Reserve College. Frederick Douglass gave the commencement address some time in the 1850s.

The most popular answer was Susan B. Anthony (38.6 percent), followed by Rutherford B. Hayes (24.6 percent).