Connect trivia: Former newspapers of CWRU and its predecessor institutions

This week’s trivia question stumped many. We named five different newspapers of Case Western Reserve University and its predecessors, and asked members of the community to guess which one was made up.

The correct answer—and the false option—was the Spartan Times. To our knowledge, this has never been used as a newspaper name on campus. Less than a quarter of those who answered the question got it right.

Cleveland College Life, The Case Tech, The Reserve Tribune and The Mather Record were all published at the university at some point in its history.

Most respondents guessed Cleveland College Life was the made-up answer. The publication actually ran from the 1920s to 1950s as the newspaper of Cleveland College, which was established by Western Reserve University and the Case School for Applied Sciences in 1925 for nontraditional students.

Recently, the Special Collections and Archives team at Kelvin Smith Library digitized nine student newspapers dating back to 1862, including the four mentioned in this week’s trivia question.

You can read through 6,263 issues from these and many other papers throughout the years on the Kelvin Smith Library website.