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Combat stress this summer with LivingEasy program

Stressful situations at the office and at home can negatively impact your health, your relationships, your work and your overall wellbeing. The LivingEasy Stress and Resiliency Program offers an opportunity to combat and control these stressors. This online course (PDF) is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and can help participants reshape the way they respond to stressful situations.

Composed of eight video-based sessions, split into short segments, LivingEasy is completely confidential and free to benefits eligible CWRU faculty and staff. The classes can be completed anytime on a PC, tablet or smartphone. CWRU Wellness Program participants who complete this program will be eligible for the $100 Stress Management Program Incentive.

Better manage your stress with LivingEasy from SelfHelpWorks. Learn more and register from the Wellness Website.