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Choices Fair

The annual Choices Fair is an opportunity for students to learn about nearly 100 majors, minors and concentrations across a range of disciplines.

This year, the Choices Fair will be held as a virtual experience hosted through the CampusGroups virtual fair platform and will be available to students beginning Monday, Sept. 28. Students can review department and program materials throughout the week, then connect with a representative during the live portion of the fair, taking place Friday, Oct. 2, from 12:45 to 2 p.m.

Attendees also will have a chance to discover some of the extracurricular activities Case Western Reserve University offers, as members from student academic groups, multicultural clubs and community service organizations will be in attendance. Staff representing opportunities for study abroad, undergraduate research, career services and more also will be present.

First-year students are expected to attend as part of their SAGES First Seminar. Undeclared upperclass students also are encouraged to attend.

Register for the event in CampusGroups.

If your department or organization usually hosts a booth at the Choices Fair, contact the planning team at