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Center for SUDEP Research study published in Epilepsia

A team of researchers, several of whom worked in conjunction with the Center for SUDEP Research at Case Western Reserve University, recently had an article published titled “The incidence and significance of periictal apnea in epileptic seizures” in Epilepsia, a journal focused on epilepsy studies. 

The aim of the study was to investigate periictal central apnea as a seizure semiological feature, its localizing value, and possible relationship with sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) pathomechanisms.

The authors were:

  • Nuria Lacuey, CWRU
  • Samden D. Lhatoo, CWRU
  • R. Sandhya Rani, CWRU
  • Bilal Zonjy, CWRU
  • Johnson P. Hampson, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
  • Anita Zaremba, CWRU
  • Rup K. Sainju, University of Iowa
  • Brian K. Gehlbach, University of Iowa
  • Stephan Schuele, Northwestern University
  • Daniel Friedman, New York University
  • Orrin Devinsky, New York University
  • Maromi Nei, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Ronald M. Harper, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Luke Allen, University College London
  • Beate Diehl, University College London
  • John J. Millichap, Northwestern University
  • Lisa Bateman, Columbia University
  • Mark A. Granner, University of Iowa
  • Deidre N. Dragon, NINDS Center for SUDEP Research
  • George B. Richerson, University of Iowa