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CampusGroups to replace OrgSync as CWRU’s community engagement platform

CampusGroups will replace OrgSync as the university’s new community engagement platform. The anticipated launch date is July 1.

The Division of Student Affairs began the selection process in spring 2017 as a response to significant planned changes to the current engagement platform, OrgSync, as well as a campuswide desire to be more connected, communicative and collaborative.

Over the last year, many members of the community have participated in the selection of the new engagement platform. Staff gathered feedback from students, student leaders, Division of Student Affairs staff, student services staff outside the division, representatives from each school and many other constituents to select a solution that could benefit the entire campus community.

“We wanted to look outside of our division and start thinking about how the CWRU community as a whole might take advantage of an engagement solution,” said Dennis Rupert, associate vice president for student affairs. “What initially started as a ‘student engagement platform’ has evolved into a ‘community engagement platform,’ something that will help meet the needs of students, staff and faculty alike, and bring our campus community together.”

The platform will be available to all student affairs, student services, university services and school deans who wish to use it to engage students and the organizations with which they are involved.

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