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Campus Spotlight: Professional Development Center

When the Professional Development Center opened in 2016, it expanded employees’ access to enhance their professional skillsets. The center, offered through the Department of Human Resources, gives employees the chance to grow professionally by participating in a variety of courses.

The center’s curriculum includes three series: The Management Development Series, the Personal and Professional Impact Series and the Professional Development Center Webinar Series.

Through the Management Development Series, supervisors—or aspiring supervisors—discover their management style, learn about university policies and laws and gain a better understanding of various aspects of managing others.

The Personal and Professional Impact Series gives employees the opportunity to learn more about themselves. The series includes the Emotional Intelligence Sequence, which is based on a model created by Mayer Salovey Caruso and focuses on how individuals can identify, use, understand and manage their emotions.

With its webinar series, the Professional Development Center hosts sessions on a variety of topics from communication skills to resiliency.

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