Campus community looks forward to fall break; find out the results to this week’s poll question

Fall semester is full of events for the campus community. New Student Orientation (Aug. 17-24), the first day of classes (Aug. 25), the Farm Harvest Festival (Sept. 20), Homecoming and Family Weekend (Oct. 16-19) and fall break (Oct. 27-28) are just a few of the highlights.

With the start of the school year just a month away, we wanted to know what faculty, staff and students were most excited about.

As it turns out, most people who responded to our poll are excited for the next break from classes—38 percent of respondents said that they are most excited for fall break.

The rest of the results were spread out among the other four options, but it seems that the incoming students are ready to get a start on their education and meet their fellow students at Case Western Reserve University, because New Student Orientation was the second most popular option at 19 percent.

The first day of classes came in third at 16 percent, Homecoming and Family Weekend received 14 percent of the responses, and the Fall Harvest Festival rounded out the results at 13 percent.