Campuswide challenge helps build a kinder CWRU

Though negativity may seem to fill social media feeds and headlines in the news, 80 faculty, staff and students on the CWRU campus are striving to make kindness the norm this month.

In the “Make Kindness the Norm” four-week challenge from the University Wellness Program and University Health & Counseling Services, which kicked off on Sept. 7, participants have made a conscious effort to be kind in the community, kind to themselves, kind online and even perform civic acts of kindness. Weekly surveys have been distributed, through which participants have shared their kind acts. The following are a few examples from participants:

  • “I took the time to stop and listen (really listen) to a colleague who is having a difficult time.”
  • “I bought coffee for the person in line behind me at Dunkin’ Donuts.”
  • “On 9/7 during the flooding, I offered my garage space to my neighbor.”
  • “I made a donation of school supplies.”
  • “I signed up to be a poll worker on election day.”

Dozens of kind ideas have been coming in from all across campus. The entire CWRU community is encouraged to join in on making CWRU a kind campus.

Learn more about how to make CWRU a kinder campus.