Shot of a group of businesspeople attending a conference

Build your professional development skills this summer

The Professional Development Center staff aims to provide Case Western Reserve University employees with comprehensive, high-quality learning and development resources that advance the performance of the individual and the university. The center supports staff in achieving their professional development goals.

While training opportunities have concluded and will return in the fall, there are still plenty of opportunities to work with the Professional Development Center over the summer, including a new book club.

The Professional Development Book Club will focus on reading and discussing books related to professional development topics, such as leadership, communication, emotional intelligence and more. The center’s staff hopes the book club will allow staff members to grow as professionals while also fostering communications within the university community. Sign up to participate in the book club.

Additionally, Career Development Consultations are available during the summer months. These sessions allow staff members to work with the center’s career development manager in a one-on-one capacity. These confidential meetings can be used to prepare for a difficult conversation, work on a performance evaluation or self-assessment, or build skills such as time management or organization.

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