Photo of a bird sitting on a flowering branch

“Birding Basics: Enjoying Birds in Your Yard & Beyond”

Members of the community are invited to join Andy Jones, the William A. and Nancy R. Klamm Endowed Chair and curator of ornithology at Cleveland Museum of Natural History, for a remote lecture on birding. 

Offered by the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program, the “Birding Basics: Enjoying Birds in Your Yard & Beyond” course will be held Tuesday, July 7, from from 6 to 7:30 p.m. 

Bird-watching, or birding, is a popular hobby in the United States, and the increased amount of time people are spending at home has allowed more to become interested.

Through this session, Jones will cover the basics of how to identify birds, including how to select a field guide and binoculars, and how to use sightings to contribute to science. This seminar also will cover how to bring more birds to your yard, including choosing bird feeders and bird-friendly plants. Participants are encouraged to bring any bird-related questions they may have.

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