Beat the winter blues with Keep America Active wellness competition

Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to virtually travel from coast to coast, visiting tourist spots across the United States in the 2018 wellness exercise incentive program “Keep America Active.”

This 12-week program kicks off on Monday, Jan. 22. Registration is open today (Jan. 8). To register, visit

Photo of a Waikiki Beach with buildings and mountain in the background

Keep America Active gives participants the chance to virtually visit places like Waikiki Beach.

Individuals or small groups of four- to six-members are encouraged to exercise most days of the week anywhere and any way they like. Then, participants simply log that activity. Participants will earn extra mileage for avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages and for getting from seven to nine hours of sleep nightly.

Keep America Active also offers “Thrive Thursdays” to all teams. This is an extra activity that the team can do together (either physically or virtually) to gain extra points in the team competition.

“This interactive program is brought to us by the same team who created HealthTrails, a program we offered the last two winters,” said Wellness Coordinator Mary Ann Dobbins. “In addition to the high quality photos and informative travel details, Keep America Active allows participants to use a wearable device to log their activity. HealthTrails participants requested that upgrade and we are happy to offer it!”

All registrants will receive a five-visit pass from CWRU’s 121 Fitness Center. A random drawing of 25 participants who successfully complete the program by April 6 will be offered prizes including a stadium blanket or five-pack passes to small group training at 121 Fitness Center.

The three teams who travel the farthest will be treated to a group lunch on campus.

Get more information and register at Registration closes Jan. 29.