Apply by Sept. 11 to serve on USG’s Internal Judicial Board

The Executive Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is seeking applicants to serve on the government’s Internal Judicial Board. The Board will be comprised of three representatives of USG and two non-USG affiliated individuals from the Case Western Reserve University community.

Eligibility is open to all undergraduates, from any of Case Western Reserve’s four schools of discipline. While all years are encouraged to apply, the committee places a strong emphasis on applications from first, second and third-year students.

The judicial board is chaired by the Chief Judicial Officer, and is responsible for maintaining all USG legislation, the USG Constitution, operating, funding and election bylaws, and reviewing violations of such governing documents. In addition, the board acts as an appellate body for various types of issues and/or conflicts that arise from the general assembly or elections commission.

Time commitment is minimal, and is on an as-needed basis. All time spent in meetings and for communication should not exceed one hour per week.
The USG judicial board has jurisdiction solely over matters within USG, and does not adjudicate external matters involving students outside the government at Case Western Reserve.

Applicants must submit a letter of intent stating:

  • Why he/she would like to serve on the board;
  • The individual’s specific qualifications or experiences that would make them an ideal member; and,
  • A sentence, or two, explaining how he/she would confront or deal with a case before the board that involved one of he/she’s friends.

Because impartiality and fair-mindedness are two critical qualities that the committee is looking for in candidates, the third requirement for the letter is undoubtedly most important.

Please note that no USG experience is necessary. Letters of intent are due Thursday, Sept. 11th, at 5 p.m. No exceptions.