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Apply for an accelerated MA program in medical anthropology and global health

Are you planning a career in the health sciences or allied health sciences but want to develop your knowledge and skills in medical anthropology? You could earn a master’s degree in medical anthropology in just one year.

The Department of Anthropology at Case Western Reserve University offers an intensive, one-year Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology and Global Health that provides conceptual, topical and research understanding of the biocultural basis of health and illness and the interface between disease/illness, culture, biology, and society. The program is designed to serve the needs of students seeking to attend medical school, work professionally in the medical arena or allied health sciences, or to go on to PhD programs.

After just two semesters of classwork, students will earn a master’s degree from an internationally recognized university in the field of medical anthropology and global health. They will work alongside PhD students in a dynamic and stimulating environment that provides training in biocultural anthropology, global health, evolutionary medicine, reproductive health, psychological anthropology, demography/population aging, globalization, drug use, and introductory statistics and research methods.

The application deadline for fall 2022 admission is Monday, Aug. 1.

For more information on the program, visit the Department of Anthropology webpage or email