Photo showing healthy habit concept, with healthy foods in heart-shaped bowl, a stethoscope and hand weight

Annual fall Wellness Program activities open

Each fall from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, the CWRU Wellness Program invites benefits-eligible faculty and staff to complete three activities in order to learn more about their health and potentially earn an additional $300 the following year.

The confidential health risk assessment (HRA) from WebMD is open through Nov. 30. Participants will answer questions that will help them understand how they can improve or maintain their health. After participants complete the health assessment, they will get a customized plan to help address any health risks identified.

In addition to the HRA, wellness participants will need to complete two of three of the following activities:

Then, as long as the faculty or staff member is enrolled in a Benelect health plan in 2022, they will see a $25 monthly payment in their 2022 paychecks.

Learn more about the Wellness Program requirements and opportunities on the wellness website.