Alternative tuition payment methods available to students

Students who missed the deadline for the Tuition Made E-Z payment plan should be aware of alternative payment methods. Tuition for Fall 2014 is due Sept. 5. The tuition due date falls on the day the drop/add period ends each semester.

For students not participating in E-Z payment plan, here is more information:

  • There is a comprehensive guide for using the Student Information System (SIS) for financial transactions. Students can pick up a copy of the guide in the Student Financial Services Office (Yost Hall, 145) or click here to view an online copy.
  • Only students can use SIS for financial transactions unless they authorize other users to access their account. This is a special authorization—the authorizations students gave to Financial Aid or Registration do not apply.
  • If students make electronic payments through SIS, they should be aware that credit card payments are subject to a 2.77 percent processing fee applied by the credit card processing agent (not Case Western Reserve University). There are no fees for e-checks.
  • Students can mail payments to: Case Western Reserve University, 10900 Euclid Ave., Yost Hall, Room 145, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7043
  • Students on campus can drop off a check in the Cashier’s Office (Yost Hall, 145).
  • International students who do not have an account with an American bank must use PeerTransfer to make electronic payments.

The Student Financial Guide provides comprehensive information about payments and other financial transactions. Contact the Bursar’s Office at 216.368.2226 or with questions.