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AfroFit Dance Workshop

Next Level Fitness Studio will host an AfroFit Dance Workshop Friday, April 5, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Waluma Fofung, a former dancer and choreographer for TRYBE Dance based in New York City, will lead the workshop. She will keep participants up to speed with the latest moves and sounds coming out of Africa and will provide them with a way to build stamina and stay active.

This class will integrate popular dance styles—including the shaku and gwara gwara—into vigorous workouts in a way that will leave participants thinking of them as fun dance routines.

This will be a highly energetic experience. Everyone is welcome; dress comfortably and come ready to move. No experience is necessary.

Students can pre-register for the class for $7 or pay $10 at the door. For all others, the class will cost $10 when pre-registering or $15 at the door. Next Level Fitness Studio members always save 10 percent.

Pre-register for the AfroFit Dance Workshop.