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Add textbook purchases to tuition bill using Bookstore Bucks through Sept. 10

The Bookstore Bucks program is available now through Sept. 10 for all undergraduate students at Case Western Reserve University when they purchase fall semester textbooks at the Barnes and Noble University Bookstore Uptown.

The Bookstore Bucks program allows students to charge textbooks and academic supplies directly to their financial account. This program is designed to help with financial planning and budgeting for the costs of attending Case Western Reserve University.

Each student has the ability to defer up to $625 of charges for books and supplies until the last tuition bill each semester. If Bookstore Bucks are used, the charges will be added to the Sept. 20 tuition bill and will need to be paid in full.

Students who plan to use this program should tell the cashier at the Barnes and Noble University Bookstore that they are using Bookstore Bucks to buy their textbooks.

For more information, please visit the CWRU Barnes and Noble College Bookstore or email