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2021 Staff Advisory Council general election results available

The 2021 Staff Advisory Council (SAC) general election has been completed. Following are the newly elected and re-elected SAC members for the 2021–23 term:

Academic Administration 

  • Angela Clark-Taylor 
  • Janee Kelly 
  • Ray Krajci 
  • Ricky Marcus 
  • Elizabeth Miller 
  • Carlier Myers 

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences 

  • Tatiana Riedel 

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 

  • Kasey King 

School of Dental Medicine 

  • Colleen Friday 
  • Grace Vibbert 

University Administration 

  • Liz Bober 
  • Jeffrey Daberko 
  • Jessica DeCaro 
  • Theresa Grigger 
  • Andrea Hess 
  • Paul Keeley 
  • Kate Klonowski 
  • Karoline Kramer 
  • Kaitlyn Lionti 
  • Vicki Moore-Holzhauer 
  • James Nauer 
  • Karyn Newton 
  • James Prince 
  • David Retzer 
  • Loretta Sexton 
  • Lakisha Waller

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