Nominations for Glennan Fellowships open through April 14

The University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) invites faculty to nominate fellow faculty members for a Glennan Fellowship for the 2017-2018 year.

The Glennan Fellows are perceived as role models for new faculty at Case Western Reserve University and the program is designed to identify and reward promising junior faculty and to facilitate their growth as teachers and scholars.

Fellowships will be awarded based on evidence of promise for a balanced career in both teaching and scholarship and on the proposals that are submitted by the nominees.

Glennan Fellows must be regular faculty members who are in the tenure track but not yet tenured and must be untenured during the year they hold their fellowships.

Any faculty colleague of the nominee can submit a nomination letter to UCITE. Self-nominations also are accepted. The nomination letter must be no longer than a single page and must have three signatures in total (i.e., self-nomination letters must be co-signed by two faculty members other than the nominee). While co-signatures from senior faculty are suggested, they are not essential.

The letter of nomination will form an important part of the nominee’s file that is evaluated for the award. Hence the nominating letter should make a strong case as to why the nominators feel that the nominee deserves the award, such as by defining the qualities of the nominee that make him or her worthy of it and highlighting the evidence of excellence in scholarship and teaching.

The signed nominating letter should be received by UCITE by Friday, April 14. Once nominated, the nominee is then responsible for submitting a proposal to UCITE by Friday, April 30.

More information about the nomination process is available at