“Queering Music Teacher Training”

Members of the Case Western Reserve University community are invited to join the Department of Music for a talk titled “Queering Music Teacher Training” Friday, April 5, from 4 to 5 p.m. in Harkness Chapel.

Matthew L. Garrett, professor of music education and director of the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE), will give this presentation.

About the talk

Music educators who incorporate topics representing gender and sexually diverse (GSD) persons in teacher training programs create opportunities to engage a broad spectrum of individuals. GSD topics have been discussed in research contexts, and yet music teacher training programs lack substantial engagement with GSD scholars and their work. 

When music educators increase the visibility of GSD topics in curricular contexts, they prevent the silencing of GSD persons and reinforce equitable music education opportunities for all students. Preservice music teachers impact the queering of school music education when they engage in collaborative experiences with music teacher educators who seek to empower students to learn.

About the speaker

In the Department of Music, Garrett teaches graduate music education students and facilitates student teaching seminars with licensure students. 

Garrett has directed UCITE since 2017, drawing on his extensive background in educational pedagogy and more than 25 years of classroom teaching experience to help faculty, staff and students explore the art and science of teaching.

Garrett’s research interests focus primarily on LGBTQ issues in music education. In his 2021 book with co-author Joshua Palkki, Honoring Trans and Gender-Expansive [TGE] Students in Music Education, Garrett encouraged music educators to honor gender diverse persons through ethically and pedagogically sound practices by highlighting the narratives and experiences of TGE musicians. He recently completed a chapter, “Queering Music Teacher Training,” for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Gender and Queer Studies in Music Education

Garrett’s scholarship has been published in the Journal of Research in Music Education, Research Studies in Music Education, Bulletin for the Council of Research in Music Education, Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, International Journal of Research in Choral Singing, Research Perspectives in Music Education, Choral Journal, TRIAD: The Official Publication of the Ohio Music Education Association, Florida Music Director and Journal of the Society for American Music

He frequently serves as a guest peer reviewer of scholarship related to gender and sexual diversity in music education contexts for national and international journals. He was awarded a W.P. Jones Presidential Faculty Development Award and a Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities Faculty Research Grant to support his scholarship.