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Mac users: Check Zoom version to ensure protection against recent vulnerability

Editor’s note: Zoom published an update over the weekend, resulting in a new version number. This story has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date version.

Last week, it was disclosed that a Zoom vulnerability had been discovered that affected any Mac with Zoom installed. This vulnerability was caused by a local web server that could allow access to a user’s webcam by a potential attacker.

In response, Apple pushed out a silent update to all MacOS versions that removed the suspicious local web server. This update did not require any user interaction.

Zoom followed with an update that removed any possible threat from this vulnerability, and Case Western Reserve University Mac users should confirm they are running this latest version of Zoom (it should be version 4.4.55313.0714) to ensure they are not working with a vulnerable version. The version number will be displayed on the bottom of the Zoom log-in page or can be checked by clicking ‘About Zoom’ in the drop-down from the user’s profile picture/icon. Users should download the latest version for Mac if they are not running it.

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