Aerial photo of campus overlooking Tinkham Veale University Center, Kelvin Smith Library, Severance Hall and more

Yost Hall tenants to relocate this summer as part of university’s plans to launch state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research building

As part of President Eric Kaler’s commitment to grow university research significantly in the coming years, the university plans to construct a building dedicated to interdisciplinary efforts in science and engineering.

The additional space will make the campus more attractive to leading faculty in these areas—and not only because of its modern facilities and technologies. The structure will be designed expressly to encourage the kinds of interactions that can lead to—and support—innovative collaborations.

To accommodate the new structure, Yost Hall will be torn down in the fall. This summer its tenants will be relocating to various areas of campus—including such buildings as Sears, University Health and Counseling Services’ previous space, and the Dental and Nursing research buildings. 

Campus Planning and Facilities Management will update the campus community regularly as plans evolve.