Writing Resource Center kicks off workshop series Sept. 20 to go “Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay”

Throughout the fall, experts from Case Western Reserve University’s Writing Resource Center will offer three workshops addressing challenges that students encounter in first and university seminars. These workshops provide focused, practical strategies and tips to help any student become a better writer.

The first workshop, on Friday, Sept. 20, is titled “Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay.” Many high school students learn to write by adhering to prescriptive formats such as the five-paragraph essay. In this workshop, Brian Johnson and Joe DeLong explain why this conventional model is often ineffective at the college level, and share strategies for how students can become more versatile and sophisticated writers.

This and all subsequent workshops will be held from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. in 323 Guilford House. Pizza will be provided.

Questions? Email writingcenter@case.edu.