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Workshop series on Freedman Center available to faculty

A collaborative initiative between the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education and the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship offers faculty the opportunity to learn about the Freedman Center and incorporate that knowledge into their teaching. Faculty members are invited to apply for a five-week series of interactive workshops designed to empower them to incorporate available digital tools and resources into their classroom experience.

Specifically, faculty participants will:

  • Learn how to use text-mining and data-visualization tools to quickly identify trends or themes in large bodies of text;
  • Participate in activities that will develop their qualitative and quantitative analytical skills;
  • Develop techniques for communicating with data; and
  • Gain strategies for incorporating digital tools and resources into the classroom.

Ultimately, faculty will become better equipped to help their students navigate research tools necessary for success in a 21st-century learning environment and knowledge-based economy.

The workshops will be held Thursdays from 9 to 10:30 a.m. (Feb. 22 and March 1, 8, 20 and 22).

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