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Workplace being decommissioned at CWRU; users should move to CampusGroups

Earlier this year, the university launched Workplace by Facebook for collaboration and communication regarding the strategic plan. As Workplace begins a move to a new domain, and in an effort to streamline communications platforms at Case Western Reserve, the university will decommission its use of Workplace on Nov. 1, and encourage the use of CampusGroups.

The Office of the Provost already has added most users from the strategic plan Workplace groups into its new groups on CampusGroups. Therefore, the Think Big discussion won’t stop—it simply will switch platforms. All messaging will be done through CampusGroups on the Office of the Provost page in the future.

Though the initial intent of Workplace was related to the strategic plan, other units found Workplace to be a helpful platform. The university is confident that CampusGroups can provide a similar solution for all members of the campus community—faculty, staff and students. Therefore, individuals or units that created their own Workplace groups are encouraged to re-create them in CampusGroups, or check to see if a group already exists.

Individuals who posted content in Workplace that they would like to save should copy or screenshot their posts prior to Nov. 1.

About CampusGroups

CampusGroups is Case Western Reserve’s online community engagement platform, where individuals, organizations and offices can share information, create events and spark discussion. Visit CampusGroups at to explore what’s happening at Case Western Reserve, and to connect with others.

For detailed information on how to use CampusGroups as an administrator or user, visit the Student Affairs website.