Close-up photo of the statue of justice

“What is Reproductive Justice?”

Members of the university community are invited to attend a talk titled “What is Reproductive Justice?” Tuesday, Oct. 11, as part of the “The Essentials of Reproductive Justice: Access, Autonomy, Action” series.

This talk will begin at 9 a.m. in the Tinkham Veale University Center, Ballroom A.

This event has been specifically created for the Case Western Reserve University campus community to offer a basic understanding of what reproductive justice is and all the ways in which reproductive rights and reproductive health can be affected by social injustices.

Lori Rodriquez, education and advocacy coordinator at SisterSong, will give the presentation. Rodriquez is a queer Central American educator, writer and artist. They’ve spent most of their professional life working in the reproductive rights movement, but they have also spent time in the LGBTQ and prison reentry space. They are involved in mutual aid efforts in New York City, and they also host an online radio show at Moon Glow radio. They believe we can collectively build the world we deserve.

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