Rear view of woman's shoes as she walks on path

Wellness Program offers exercise incentive program called Coast to Coast this winter

Hit the Road this Winter with Coast to Coast, a 12-week exercise incentive program offered through the Case Western Reserve University Wellness Program.

Individuals or small groups of four- to six-members are encouraged to exercise most days of the week anywhere and any way they like. Then, participants simply log that activity. Participants will earn extra mileage for eating a healthy breakfast each morning and for taking time to express gratitude.

Coast to Coast also offers “Thrive Thursdays” to all teams. This is an extra activity that the team can do together (either physically or virtually) to gain extra points in the team competition.

“Almost 500 faculty and staff took part in our 12-week competition, Keep America Active, last year,” said Wellness Manager Mary Ann Dobbins. “And 79% of those participants met the goal of exercising for at least 30 minutes, five times a week. We were thrilled with that result and hope even more people will join this year!”

All registrants will receive a six-visit pass from CWRU’s One to One Fitness Center. A random drawing of 25 participants who successfully complete the program by April 19 will be offered prizes, including a 55 cm stability ball or the choice of one month free at either Next Level Fitness Studio or One to One Fitness Center.

The three teams who travel the farthest will be treated to a group lunch on campus.

Coast to Coast will kick off Monday, Jan. 27. Registration is available online and opens today (Jan. 13). Registration will close Monday, Feb. 3.

Get more information and register.