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#WelcomeHereWednesday expands #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU

#WelcomeHereWednesday is a new effort from the Center for International Affairs to spread an ongoing and important message of welcome to members of the Case Western Reserve University community.

When the COVID-19 pandemic created unique challenges for our international students, the center put out a call across campus for video clips to help renew the #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU message and was overwhelmed by the response. The new #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU video features heartfelt words of support and encouragement for international students.

The movement against racial injustice has highlighted the fact that our international students are not the only students that need to know they are valued and welcomed on the CWRU campus. The center invites CWRU faculty, staff and students to record #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU video clips that voice support for all students who experience systemic racism and oppression in all of its forms.

Through #WelcomeHereWednesday, the Center will share the video clips on its Facebook and Twitter pages every week to keep the #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU campaign going and highlight its strong support from every corner of campus.

Anyone who is interested in participating in this new effort is asked to email a short #YouAreWelcomeHereCWRU video message (recorded horizontally on a smart phone or via Zoom) to

And everyone is encouraged to visit the center’s social media pages each Wednesday to experience the uplifting impact of these positive messages.