a register to vote sign at a rally with a U.S. flag in front of it

Weatherhead’s Daniel Shoag voices a need to prepare the electoral infrastructure for voting in the midst of a pandemic

Time to prepare for voting by mail

American Enterprise Institute:Daniel Shoag, an associate professor of economics in the Weatherhead School of Management, wrote about the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on upcoming U.S. elections: “To ensure the smooth functioning of the US electoral system this fall, it is important to start building a back-up infrastructure that can operate even in the midst of a resurgent pandemic. We have discussed some of the legal and logistical issues associated with such a shift, but preparing the electorate is also important. To ensure the November 2020 election’s legitimacy, not only should the federal government and the states prepare voters for the potential new logistics of voting, they should also be clear that counting the votes may take longer than usual.”