Vote for Tinkham Veale University Center

Tinkham Veale University Center is in the running for the prestigious 2024 Planner’s Choice Award in the Earth-Friendly Venue category. This is our chance to showcase our commitment to sustainability and innovation on a national stage. By voting daily from June 17 to July 19, you can help put CWRU and Tinkham Veale on the map as leaders in eco-friendly campus facilities. Let’s come together as a university and demonstrate our pride in our green initiatives – your vote can make all the difference in securing this well-deserved recognition for our exceptional university center!

Why should you take the time to vote? First, winning this award would bring national attention to CWRU’s sustainability efforts, potentially inspiring other institutions to follow our lead. Second, it would validate the hard work of our facilities team and everyone involved in making Tinkham Veale a model of environmental responsibility. Third, this recognition could attract more environmentally conscious students and events to our campus, further enhancing our reputation and impact. 

Cast your vote.