a register to vote sign at a rally with a U.S. flag in front of it

Vote 2020 Campus Wide Open House

In partnership with the Center for Civic Engagement and Learning, the Mandel School Voter Engagement team will offer a Vote 2020 Campus Wide Open House Thursday, Sept. 24, from 4 to 8 p.m. EST.

During the open house, members of the CWRU community can sign onto Zoom to ask questions about voting, look into online resources and work with social work students and student ambassadors to create a voting plan for November 2020.

As graduate-level social work students, the Mandel School Voter Engagement team is committed to supporting CWRU in navigating the voting process, including how to:

  • Register;
  • Verify voter enrollment;
  • Request absentee ballots;
  • Become a poll worker;
  • Make a plan to vote early or to vote in person Nov. 3; and
  • Help friends and family navigate these processes as well, to ensure high voter turnout in 2020.

The group believes exercising our right to vote is activism—it is patriotic—it is the way to spark actual change. They also firmly believe that every person’s vote matters. 

As social work students, the team’s goal is to remove barriers to understanding how to vote in the state of Ohio, to amplify the history around voting rights in the United States to clearly illustrate how powerful each vote truly is, and to hold space for individuals to reflect on what their right to vote means to them.

Register for the open house on CampusGroups.